Using Google Maps without an Internet connection

The famous paper maps that we could not spend when visiting a city we did not know have been moved to second place with the advent of new technologies to our mobile phones, thanks to its GPS and famous mapping applications, we provide all the information necessary to know a city, get an address or monument or calculate the best route for car, bus or bicycle.

But things get complicated when we travel abroad or have a data rate that does not allow us to make extended use of these tools, because for this we need data connection. However, there is a way to use these applications, such as Google Maps or Apple Maps, so that does not involve the need to stay connected and this involves excessive consumption data, which on the other hand abroad raise their cost .

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Google Maps 4.0

To use maps and get to a certain point without having to stay connected, Google Maps does not offer a way to navigate the maps offline. To do this, we have to do is open the application to find the place where we want to go and then tap on the bar shown at the bottom with the site we have sought.
Next, we need to click on the menu icon, the three points shown on the top right of the screen, and select the Save offline map that will keep us selected area of the map for future reference without being connected.

Apple Maps

It also allows users to browse offline but it works differently from what we have seen previously with Google Maps since it requires more preparation.

To use Apple Maps offline, the first thing we do is open the app and search our destination. Then select the bubble that appears and we click on “getting here”. Then we choose the option route and can see the directions to our step by step later if we need them, and then start the navigation destination.
At that point we can turn off the WiFi or data connection used since Apple Maps is based on caching and therefore, the blue dot will move us indicating the next step to take to get us to our marked destination Map.

Google Maps is the default tool from Google that offers satellite images from around the world, street maps and the possibility of seeing them with images (Street View) and generate route plans to get from one place to another on foot, by bicycle, by public transport or by car.

Therefore, Google Maps is also GPS Google because it brings with himself the “Navigate” integrated tool. Still, Google Maps until now was practically useless if you did not have internet access. Consequently, secondary GPS services like TomTom or Here Maps were used by users who want to view maps and set routes without necessarily being connected to the internet.

As we announced a few days ago, finally the Google Maps application lets you download the map of a city or area then display it without internet connection. This new feature allows thus save entire cities in the memory of your device so that I can trace paths from one place to another and keep my position with the GPS on my mobile. All this, always without internet connection.

Although there are other applications that allow make this process or even do better, none of them uses Google maps. And sometimes these applications downloading all maps of an entire country, and really just want a city and its surroundings, so we are wasting memory space on your device. Consequently, Google Maps gives you the ability to download only the area you’re interested.


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